Friday, January 13, 2012

Taking a Day Off

Yesterday I didn't write for various reasons, cleaning the house took the priority, yet I always feel guilty for not sitting down and a least reviewing what I've written so that it feels like I accomplished something.  Even though I never typed a word I came up with a battle scene for Book 3 and a grander scheme for book 5.  I always find inspiration at weird times.  I get my best ideas while driving or spending time alone in the bathroom.  On my way to the supermarket I had a whole conversation between my heroine and one of her bad bodys for Book 5.  It was nice getting out for an hour but it actually accomplished something in addition to the intended task.  For the first time I got a feeling for the main characters in 5.  I've putting off thinking about them because I'm having trouble with their motitivation.  Suddendy I'm pulling into the driveway and come up with a whole conversation.  Granted I didn't write it down because I have a feeling it will change once I think about it some more, but it was a start.  I wasn't sure if I was going to like my bad boy in 5 but as he started speaking I realized he isn't as dark and distant as I once envisioned him.  When he found his voice he was more endearing than I had thought.   I guess there is hope for Book 5 after all.

Today I came up with an awesome ending for Book 4, even though I only have a few chapters written.  I have the concept and characters, but haven't devoted much time to it yet.  Book 3 has been gnawing away at me so I am focused there for now.  I was surprised at my ending since I never thought I would go there with one of my favorite characters, but it will flow into Book 5 and allow Book 5 to be even more dramatic.  I love when things work themselves out.  I'm still surprised by the way my brain knits all of these things together without even trying.  I'm hoping that it's proof that I have something good on my hands.

So far the hubby likes what I've read him from Book 1.  The one chapter was admittedly a first draft and not as focused as the rest, but that's the point of a first draft.  I have at least two more chapters to write before I can read the next solid chapter that was written.  I guess I'm going to have to write faster if I ever want him read him what's going on in Book 3.

While I'm upset with myself for not sitting down and working I'm glad that I took the time to take care of things away from the computer, otherwise I would still be mired in my depression over the lack of understanding in Book 5.  While I have the concept it was written in black crayon and was a giant mess.  Now at least I was able to add a few colors to the mess and make a few straight lines instead of swirls.  The foundation is coming into view.  I guess I just need to make a few more Dorito runs before all the lines are straight enough to build on.

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