Review: "The Rose Petal" a short story by Michael Frost

(please note that Frost's work is not for everyone. It is dark, violent, and sometimes unexpected, but I believe he brings heart and a fresh perspective to such topics and well worth the read.  His themes are for adults only.)

"The Rose Petal" is a touching account of an abused girl who is misunderstood and punished for not fitting into the conventional world.  Told through the eyes of her doctor, it recounts the sad life of Matilda.  The doctors reflects upon his encounters with her, wishing that he had taken the time to understand her strange way of interacting with the world. 

Michael Frost's storytelling abilities go far beyond the average writer as he creates vivid and beautiful images with his carefully selected words.  The emotional experience of his storytelling leaves the reader shaken by its contrast between violence and simplified beauty.  By the end of the story, tears of joy and sadness are the only way to express the journey that Frost has taken the reader on.  Handcrafted with infinite detail, Frost understands his subject matter and pours his soul into each haunting sentence.  My heart went out to Matilda, and was captured by Frost's mesmerizing attention to the smallest details.  

Perfection!  A must read! 

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