Review: "Love Lies Bleeding: The Lady of the Forest (Wood & Stone Book 1)", by Lori J. Fitzgerald

I received this novelette from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

The magic of this story envelopes the reader and creates a unique fantasy in this short story.  The book is about Aislin, a young girl who loves to play at the edge of the forest, and spin near her favorite tree.  She was warned by her father never to enter the forest, for fear what might happen to her.  As time passes, she is left with her father to tend to the house and the fields.  She longs to play in the forest, but is too busy with chores.  Finally, one day she is old enough to make her own decisions and ventures into the forest.  What she sees is beyond her wildest imagination.  She meets the Forest Lord, Kern, who heard stories from the tree she played in as a child, and desperately wanted to meet her.  Unfortunately, she is not allowed to stay in his world because she is a human, and despised by his kind.  His love for her is strong enough to seek out a solution to their dilemma.

Ms. Fitzgerald creates a wonderful fairytale that is beautiful in its choice of words and draws the reader into an exciting world where the trees are alive and unique creatures play.  The only issue I had with the story, aside from not wanting it to end, were the transitions between the real world and the fantasy world.  At times, it was difficult to figure when the story had shifted from one location to another and I found myself going back a little bit to see if I missed something.  Once I oriented myself, I fell right back into the story and was fascinated by the unfolding events.

I am excited to see if the next book will continue the story of Aislin and Kern, or find new romances to explore in the lush world that Ms. Fitzgerald has created.  I gave this novelette 4.5 stars and look forward to the next book.

A Delightful Fairytale that Transports the Reader into a Wonderful New Realm!

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