Review: "The Dragon Hunters: A History of Malweir Book 2", by Christian Warren Freed

Evil has made its presence known in the Kingdom of Thrae after centuries of peace following the Mage Wars.  Now, war is once again upon them, but who is the real threat?  A band of unlikely warriors must journey to the ends of the kingdom to the small village of Gend where terrible creatures have decimated everyone and destroyed the village.  Their journey is fraught with danger and deception.  Unbeknownst to them, treachery has infiltrated the heart of Thrae and their entire kingdom is on the verge of falling into ruin.

I purchased this book based on the simple question, “What would you do if you found your village burned to the ground, people slaughtered?”  It captured my attention, so I had to buy it.  I was surprised to find the level of detail and descriptive writing that immediately drew me in.  The characters were intriguing and their motivations and backgrounds were varied, which added an emotional element to the journey.  Each character knew their chances of survival dwindled with each passing day, yet each of them found a reason to continue on.

Mr. Freed’s tale is a continuation from a previous book, though I was able to follow the plot and understand the history taken from the first book.  It was a great standalone book, which focused on the journey at hand.  While it was clear that Mr. Freed has military experience, it didn’t overwhelm the story, but created believable battle strategies and conflicts.

The pacing of the story is good, but can slow down after each battle or encounter so that our warriors may reflect on the previous events, or rest.  I would consider this book a marathon, rather than a sprint, but it engaged me and kept me interested.

I would highly recommend reading this epic tale of unknown heroes who find that they still have something to fight for, even against impossible odds.  Their struggles against their own inner demons is as compelling as the battle scenes against the dark forces.  

 Epic Adventure Told in Breathtaking Detail!

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