Review: "Odin’s Shadow" (Sons of Odin Book 1), by Erin S Riley

"Odin's Shadow", by Erin S. Riley

I received an ARC of this book in return for my honest opinion.  Personally, I loved this book.  It is a Historical Romance set in Ireland and Norway in 876 A.D. during a time when Vikings sailed in their dragon ships in pursuit of anything they could claim for themselves, supplies, weapons, and slaves.  The Finngalls were fierce warriors under their Hersir (warlord), Alrik Ragnarr, who was a cruel man plagued by a dark past.  He sets his sights on Selia, a young Irish woman who has a strange condition that she desperately tries to hide from everyone.  He refuses to leave Ireland without her, but foolishly, Selia doesn’t understand the kind of man that Alrik is until it’s too late.

The love story between these two characters is at times strained because Alrik keeps his feelings hidden, but Selia loves him enough to bridge the gap between them.  He is a hard man who is prone to violent outbursts, but his feelings for Selia tend to calm him.  There are moments when you see that Alrik is trying to change for her, but he is not a man accustomed to change.  Selia must be strong for both of them, if the relationship is to work.

Ms. Riley has created a world fraught with dangerous men, and even more dangerous women, as Alrik and Selia fight to stay together while the people closest to them try to tear them apart.  She has created a dark, frustrating man who is fearful to allow anyone to hurt him and a woman who loves him unconditionally.  While the book ends in a bit of a cliffhanger, the reader hopes that these two lovers can get past their own personal demons to build a future together.

The story is more than just a romance; it involves betrayal, deception, and dark intentions that make for a very interesting read.  I am looking forward to the next two installments to see if Alrik can forget his past and become the man that Selia believes him to be.

 5 Stars - Loved it, couldn't put it down!

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