Review: "A Man of Character (Matters of Love)", by Margaret Locke

I purchased this book based on the description.  What if fictional characters you created came to life?  Personally, that would be very scary based on the types of stories I write, but the concept interested me.  Who hasn’t fantasized about their dream man, or men, coming to life, especially during difficult periods of their lives? Catherine, oddly enough, is not one of those people.  Catherine is a level-head woman in her thirties who is grounded in reality, though has a great love for books.  Her father started his own bookstore, but tragically passed away and left the store to Catherine.  With the help of her friend Eliza, she keeps the store running as best she can.  She has no time for romance and teases her friend Eliza for being obsessed with the idea of finding the perfect duke to run away with.

Catherine finds that she suddenly has multiple suitors shortly after obtaining a book left to her by her father.  Though Cat has no interest in finding a man, she seems to be surrounded by them.  One by one, she gets to know each man, but finds herself drawn to the one man she can’t have.  Is it a coincidence that these men resemble characters from stories she has written in the past, or is there something magical happening?  Cat, with the help of her friend Eliza, must figure out the truth and decide which man, if any, is truly her perfect man.

Ms. Locke has created a sweet romance that explores what the characters think they want in a man verses what they need.  Every woman can relate on some level to the men that appear in Cat’s life.  There is the man who was popular in high school, but never really moved on from his glory days.  Then there is the man who is capable of having a steamy affair, who isn’t interested in commitments.  Lastly, there is the man who brings security and loyalty, who makes the person feel wanted.  Can Catherine find someone who has the best parts of all of these men?  

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and was happy to see that Catherine followed her heart.  She didn’t choose the easy option only to wonder if she made the right choices.  I was surprised to see how Eliza’s story progressed and I admit that I got a little teary eyed when I read it.  The only minor criticism would be the redundancy, especially after a suitor had been eliminated.  I think the book would progress a bit better without rehashing the failed romances.  Aside from that, A Man of Character was a fun and refreshing read. I give it 5 stars.  I am interested to see how Ms. Lock will transition the series into Eliza’s story.

 A Fun and Sweet Read!

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