Review: "Germ Warfare (of the Corporate Kind)" by Noel Warnell

I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

Germ Warfare is a humorous account of the different types of classifications that people fall into within an office environment.  Each classification, or “disease”, states the description, the causes, the symptoms, and the cures, if any are available.  The diseases range from “Emailosis, in which a person will sit directly next to a person and send them an email, rather than interact with them to “Shoutypouty”, in which a person will yell and scream about absolutely nothing in order to avoid actual work or participate in a conversation.  Some of the cures involved, talking to live people, putting down their cell phones for more than one minute at a time, and drinking.  The book details several different annoying types of diseases and asks that if you know someone suffering from the disease, to intervene immediately.

Mr. Warnell has taken the worst types of irritating personality traits of the cubicle farm world and found a way to laugh about them rather than become frustrated by them.  Many of the cures are intuitive and funny and I personally wish I could use some of them.  I, myself, know more than one person that suffers from these diseases having spent 25 years working in different types of offices. 
I was thoroughly entertained by Mr. Warnell’s perspective of the modern work environment and gave it four stars.  I am interested to see what he will come up with in the future.

A Humorous Way of Dealing with the Shoutypouty People in Your Office!

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