Review: "Haunting You" (Bewitching Women Series Book 2), by Viola Estrella

I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

Haunting You is about a woman, Rachel Spencer, who has the special talent of being able to see ghosts, though she has no interest in dealing with the angry and confused spirits.  The ghosts are a major distraction in her life, though she tries to ignore them, until the spirit of Ella appears.  Ella offers Rachel a deal.  She will keep the destructive spirits away, if Rachel helps her brother, Dr. August Kline, who is now the guardian of Ella’s teenage sons.  Ella feels that August needs some guidance, and better cleaning skills, if he wants to care for the boys the way Ella intended.  Reluctantly, Rachel agrees and she visits the family.  She convinces them that she knew Ella and wants to help the family.  What Rachel finds when she arrives in Curlville is a very handsome man and very dirty house.  Rachel and August find out quickly that they have a strong attraction to each other.  Unfortunately, there are many obstacles that threaten their potential relationship, including Rachel’s strange ability to see ghosts.

The story is sweet but the chemistry between Rachel and August is steamy. The characters deal with real life situations and the fears associated with them.  August is constantly worried that he isn’t doing enough to care for his nephews, while trying to run his own small town practice.  Rachel’s fear of whether or not she is crazy is compounded by her overbearing mother, who wants Rachel to be perfect in everything she does.  They must both learn to deal with their own families before they can figure out what they want out of live.

I personally cried at the end of the story, and not just because of the romance.  There is a very serious storyline threaded between the developing relationship of Rachel and August that is heartbreaking and adds another layer of emotion that I was happy to see.  The story wasn’t just about the characters and their affection for each other, but about a moral sense of right and wrong, even at the possible expense of being labeled “crazy”.

Ms. Estrella has a wonderful ability to draw the reader in by weaving a captivating love story, while keeping it grounded in a mystery surrounding the family members.  It has heart, warmth, and charm.  Once I started the book, all I wanted to do was read the next chapter.  Though I haven’t read the first book in the series, Haunting You can easily be read as a standalone book.  I look forward to seeing what Ms. Estrella has planned for her future books in the series.  I gave this book 5 stars and wish I could have stayed somewhere between the magic of the pages.

 Romance, Mystery, and Humor, What More Could You Want?

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