Review: “Ghost of Guyana”, by David Joseph

Can the devil haunt the living in places where violence and death have left its mark?  Two Air Force Master Sergeants believe he can and will do what they can to stop him.  Upon the Air Force’s arrival at the infamous Jim Jones compound Jonestown in Guyana, none of the airmen were prepared for the carnage spread across the jungle.  It is an image that none of them will forget.  Years later, the evil that permeated Jim Jones and controlled his actions will take the lives of innocent military men and women, unless it can be stopped.

While Mr. Joseph’s story is largely fictional, it questions whether or not evil can continue to linger after a horrific act has taken place and take on a life of its own.  Can ghosts, spirits, or the devil himself cling to certain objects, places, or even military aircraft?  If it can, who is willing to have enough faith in God to stop them?

This story interested me not only because of the references to Jonestown, but because I found the concept of evil being an eternal force very interesting.  Evil doesn’t die when the villain is killed; it simply takes on a new shape and continues on its mission to destroy the innocent.  The story grabbed my attention and made me afraid for our two heroes who were brave enough to stand up to what they considered the devil.  I applaud Mr. Joseph for exploring the possibilities of what evil can do to our world once it has taken root in people.  I gave this short story 5 stars and look forward to reading more of Mr. Joseph’s short stories. 

 5 Stars!!!!! What Happens When Evil Has a Mind of Its Own?

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