Saturday, August 1, 2015

Will You Be Tempted by The Third Throne: Angel of Death?

The Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy book, “The Third Throne: Angel of Death” by author Tabitha Barret has been released in Paperback and for Kindle on  This is the second book in the Third Throne series and takes place in Romania as Alazar, the Angel of Death, is close to succumbing to the darkness growing inside of him and becoming a Rogue Angel.  He has been tasked with tempting the mortals to choose between the sins of committing murder or suicide, or choosing Heaven.  Sadly, he has lost his way and is pushing the mortals past their limits, condemning them to Hell.  His Master, Anjali, is the only one who can stop him.

A group of paranormal investigators will be used as pawns in their fight.  Anjali must protect the mortals while trying to gain control over her deadly angel.  Anjali has more to lose then she thinks when she starts to fall for one of the Spirit Experts.  Who will survive this dangerous game? 

The Third Throne Series is a planned twelve book series that will follow Anjali as she tries to locate and contain her Harbingers, known as the Predznak, before she can complete her mission of destroying the world.  She must find the Angels of Death, Vengeance, Fear, Distrust, Illness, Desire, Anger, Agony, Deception, and Hunger.  Each angel will bring her closer to fulfilling her destiny as the Bringer of the Apocalypse.

Tabitha Barret is a local New Jersey author and mom who tries to find the time to write her books while taking care of her two children, with the love and support of her husband.  A graduate of Rutgers University, she is living out her dream of writing about the fantastic characters that have occupied her mind for decades. 

The Third Throne: Angel of Death can be purchased at and  More information about the book and the series can be found at  Tabitha can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Goodreads, and on her blog, “Holy Crap I Wrote a Book, Now What?”, dedicated to helping new authors navigate the world of book publishing while highlighting authors with her “Author Spotlights” and book reviews.  Check out the book trailer for The Third Throne: Angel of Death on YouTube!   
Interesting in starting the series?  The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness can be found on in Paperback and for Kindle.  Read both books for Free if you are an Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited Member!  

The Paranormal Romance Guild gave it 5 stars saying, "The Third Throne: Angel of Darkness has to be one of the most detailed and well-planned books I have read in a very long time. I kept expecting the book to end and it kept going (in a good way). All of the characters were complex, had depth, and meshed with one another. The background story was presented intelligently. The pace remained steady throughout, which is amazing considering the amount of material covered. If this book were a movie, it would be well over 2hrs and a wonderful experience from beginning to end.

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